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Contact address:Luannan ran across town ran hu lu mill of tangshan in hebei province
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Luannan xinghua insulation material factory is located in tangshan city, hebei province luannan county,The geographical position is superior,The transportation is convenient。The main products:Buried pipe、EPSOf polystyrene、Graphite of polystyrene、Rock wool and rock wool products、Glass cotton products。The company has more than 10 years of production history,With the superior products,Reasonable price,Perfect service,Integrity integrity,Casting a brand of its own。


Our company with dozens of construction company、Heating companies have extensive business contacts,Have a good reputation。The products of the company amounted to hundreds of users,Inner Mongolia have been covered,Tianjin,Qinhuangdao,Tangshan,Langfang,Jingtang,Nanpu, etc。

Buried pipe

Buried pipe

Foam board

Foam board

Foam board

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  • Now with density of extruded board performance

    In the last year5In the world of robot assembly at a news conference,Xiaohong, vice minister Mao Weiming revealed,Change the intelligent manufacturing as a department of emphasis in the future work,Develop industrial robot industry in China“Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in”Planning,Get more policy support for the robot key components research and development production and marketing。Some experts said,Machine vision is widely used in industrial robots in the future,Mainly has four function:  1、Guide and positioning,Visual positioning for machine vision system can accurately find the parts to be tested and confirmed its position,Using machine vision to locate the up and down,Guide the mechanical arm grasping accurately。In a semiconductor

  • Congratulations to my company website built using

    Use this type of heating methods series welding monocrystalline silicon solar cell。Use our hot blast pipe and welding strip heating lamp。Has been well received and many photovoltaic component companies。??Distinguish between good grade silicon series of welding engineering?Through the hot air welding hot air as heat source,Will make a series of welding cell。Also has the silicon overall heating effect,Can eliminate the internal stress of the silicon wafer。Can also be precise temperature adjustment。?Through the near infrared welding?High temperature after using near infrared spotlight,Take bus welding onto silicon wafers。Simple setting。

  • “Prefabricated inorganic insulation board outer wall heat preservation system”Such as two provincial scientific research project through the acceptance

    Can use the hot air pipe、Halogen heating lamp,The resin rivets hot riveting、Or metal part between the pressure into the and so on。Resin rivets hot riveting●Hot blast pipe of hot air as a heat source,Tiny heating shall be implemented。●According to the size of the workpiece can change shape of the front end of the hot blast pipe blowing export。●You can change the temperature、The air volume(The traffic)、Easy to control the heat。Between the metal parts are pumped●By near infrared spotlight to produce very strong heat,Heat the metal part and implement into。●Halogen heating lamp rise time soon,Can be easily heated metal part。●Using a dedicated power supply,Heating process can be configured for preheating、

  • Guangxi promoted since the insulation heat preservation of new wall materials

    Use our super hot concentrated heating pipe and halogen lamps、Halogen strip welding heating lamp。Also can use Yu Xiuli and welding purposes。Using hot air welding●Hot air as a heat source、For welding。●Because the front is a blow out fine shape,Welding can be localized。In other part of the thermal shock can be controlled to a minimum。●Can be combined with the shape of the workpiece to change the front shape of export。(Special order)●Through the change of temperature?The traffic、It is easier to control heat add and subtract。●Through the digital flow controllerDFC000000-00-0-0-0-00To control the temperature?The traffic、To maintain a constant heat。●Due to the temperature rise quickly,Can be