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    Yuzhou city Ming industry co., LTD is located the huanghe river hinterland can yu's hometown--Henan yuzhou city,Beijing-zhuhai expressway、Zheng Yao high speed、For high speed、Is fuath liom high speed、Ping yu railway、The south-north water diversion canal in the intersection,The traffic is very convenient。We are engaged in drainage pipeline industry for many years,Abundant funds,Advanced technology,Is a year production600Thousands of metersPPMute tube、500A pipe of large factories。Production of the central plains Ming plastic CARDSPPMute tube,Deeply the general customers the high praise。

      PPMute tube series products are our company in order to adapt to the market demand,The introduction of advanced technology development and production,Gm is the current marketPE、PVC、Cast iron pipe upgrade products,With high temperature resistance、Resistance to low temperature、Corrosion resistance、The compressive resistance、Light weight、Silent、High cost performance、Easy installation, and many other advantages,Long service life50Years of above。My company to serve the society as our duty,Committed to the development of new type of green environmental protection pipeline development,The pursuit of sustainable development。Not only the high-tech company、High quality products contribute to the society,At the same time also provide perfect after-sales service and technical guidance。Companies with green building materials as the starting point,Fully meet the public's growing consumer demand and the quality of life。

      Companies adhering to the“The good faith、Innovation、Refinement”The spirit of enterprise,Always adhere to the“Today's quality,Tomorrow's market,The needs of users,Our pursuit”The quality policy,To service and integrity has been well received by the majority of customers。The company insists on break-even profit-making business,Long-term sustained steady development,Adhere to the enterprise benefits and social benefits,The management principle of enterprise benefit to social benefits,Sincerely hope and welcome friends from all walks of life with、The new and old customers hand in hand to the contract、Seek common development!


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