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  • The independent brand

    The independent brandSensors、The encoder、The box

    The introduction of Germany advanced technology and ideas,With Shanghai high-tech talent and other advantages,Specialized is engaged in the development of sensor and encoder,Production,Sales,In the service...
  • Technetium grasp control in the mall

    Technetium grasp control in the mallOne-stop procurement sunshine,Technetium grasp on industrial control

    Technetium grasp control in the mall,Technetium grasp affiliated with Shanghai industrial control equipment co., LTD,Focusing on automation products and servicesB2BElectric business platform,Purchases for years1aa00050Ten thousand yuan...
  • Rev. Crowdsourcing platform

    Rev. Crowdsourcing platformTime no longer wait,Technology into wealth

    Most of us like you from the automation industry,UnderstandPLC,Understand the frequency converter,Understand the servo,More pain and difficult understand technical services。Products sell more and more far,And...
  • 2009Years

    Was established

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  • Safety protection

    Safety protection

    Safety protection

  • Machine vision

    Machine vision

    Machine vision

  • Motion control

    Motion control

    Motion control

  • Packaging and printing

    Packaging and printing

    Packaging printing

  • The automotive industry

    The automotive industry

    Automotive industry

  • Machinery and equipment of industrial control

    Machinery and equipment of industrial control

    Mechanical equipment

  • Petroleum chemical industry

    Petroleum chemical industry

    Petrochemical industry

  • Renewable resources

    Renewable resources

    Renewable resource

About the technetium grasp


Shanghai technetium grasp industrial control equipment co., LTD is a high-tech industrial automation control companies,Specialize in JinKouJi all products, Set out、Work、Trade in a body,The Shanghai municipal industrial and commercial bureau,The irs,Shanghai customs,A formal, approved by the safe,The self-management import and export rights,Based on Shanghai,Radiation all over the world。Provide enterprises with the production process automation、Design,The installation,Debugging,Non-standardPLCThe control cabinet,Frequency conversion cabinet processing、On-site technical service and automation engineering projects。At the same time agent import encoder,Security gate,Sensors,The encoder coupling,The motor reducer,Cylinder,Solenoid valve,The valve locator,The programmable controller(PLC),Since the frequency converter, etc...


The information center


  • Intelligent logistics system relies on the sensor technology


    As is known to all,Intelligent manufacturing、Intelligent logistics system is indispensable to the wisdom factory,If there is no intelligent logistics system to support or to cooperate,Intelligent manufacturing will be hard to...
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  • Jostle to manufacturing《Made in China2025》“The wind and waves


    《Made in China2025》The acceleration of strategic deployment,To our country manufacturing industry has brought the profound influence。《Made in China2025》Will be in the next few years market continues to concern...
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  • Figure,RFIDSystem in the plant to test the new active ingredients


    Bayer agricultural sciences scientific experts in an automated system, a new active ingredient spray to the plant to test its suitability as a pesticide。 Figure,BLi...
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  • Industrial iot what surprised for manufacturing automation


    It is understood,Most previous factory automation through the cable internal network,Implement the workshop part of network communication between the equipment and equipment,The Internet of things by radio、...
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